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Magistrate Judge Erin Wilder-Doomes

777 Florida Street, Suite 260
Baton Rouge, LA 70801
(225) 389-3584
FAX (225) 389-3585

Courtroom Deputy - Brandy Lemelle Route
(225) 389-3588

Courtroom Technology


Case-Related Inquiries

Before contacting chambers with case-related inquiries, counsel are required to review the docket of the case and the Court’s Local Rules.  Counsel must also have access to the docket during the call.

Requests by Letter/Fax

ONLY requests for settlement conferences and status conferences may be made by letter faxed to the Court.  Status conference requests must provide a short description of the reason for the request.  All other requests for relief should be raised by written motion.  Requests for relief cannot be granted by chambers staff over the telephone.

Requirements for Emailing Position Papers and Status Updates (as directed by the Court)

Emails submitting confidential position papers should be sent to: Status updates may also be sent to this email address as directed by the Court or chambers staff only. Any document submitted shall be attached in PDF format and formatted in accordance with the Local Rules. All other requests or submissions not directed by the Court or chambers staff are not permitted to be emailed to this address. Ex Parte communication via email will not be permitted.

Requirements for Emailing Proposed Orders

While proposed orders must be submitted as the last page of the electronically filed motion or
submitted as an attachment to the electronically filed motion, proposed orders must also be e-mailed in an editable word processing format, such as Microsoft Word, to the appropriate District Judge or Magistrate Judge.

E-mails submitting proposed orders should be sent to: and the subject line should contain the case number of the motion filed electronically.

Requirements for Emailing Proposed Judgments

If a judge orders parties to submit a proposed judgment, it must be emailed in an editable word processing format, preferably Microsoft Word, to the appropriate District Judge or Magistrate Judge assigned to the case.

Proposed judgments are not to be filed in CM/ECF.

The e-mail subject line should be entitled “Proposed Judgment“ and contain the case number and judge’s initials. For example, “Proposed Judgment - 06-451 EWD.”

Pursuant to Administrative Order 2023-2, individuals are no longer required to mask regardless of vaccination status, but may elect to wear a mask.  Individuals who are unvaccinated, immunocompromised, and/or are at a high risk for severe illness are highly encouraged to wear a high-quality mask in public indoor spaces.