NextGen Account Info

The U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana upgraded to NextGen CM/ECF effective Monday, July 30, 2018.  Attorneys must link their CM/ECF account to their Individual PACER account to E-file in the court’s CM/ECF system.  

Complete Action Items below:




Ensure you have an Individual PACER account (not a shared Firm account)

Firms may setup a PACER Administrative Account (PAA) for Individual Accounts to be centrally billed for PACER access fees.


Upgrade PACER Account


Verify you know the following account credentials. (Required to enter these credentials to Link your accounts identified in step 4).

  1. Louisiana Middle District CM/ECF username and password and,

To retrieve a forgotten CM/ECF login and/or password complete the online page located at:

If you no longer have access to the email address originally associated with your CM/ECF account, you may submit an email update request by emailing or by faxing the request on letterhead to 225-389-3501. Once you have been notified that the email address has been updated, you may then proceed with the below password reset request.

  1. Individual PACER account username and password.

To retrieve a forgotten PACER login and/or password complete the online page located at:


Link your upgraded PACER account to your LAMD CM/ECF account.

  1. Log out of PACER
  2. Completely close your browser
  3. Open your browser and go to:
  4. Click the CM/ECF Document Filing System link
  5. At the login prompt, type your Upgraded PACER Account Login/Password
  6. Click "Link my filer account to my PACER account"
  7. Enter your CM/ECF login and password to link your accounts

CJA Attorneys ACTION REQUIRED: Once you have linked your upgraded non-CJA PACER Account with your CM/ECF account follow these instructions to have PACER flag your account with CJA permissions to use the new Change PACER Exemption Status toggle in NextGen CM/ECF.

For Attorneys Admitted to MDLA prior to July 30, 2018

PACER / NextGen CM/ECF Things to Remember

Registering and /or Upgrading:

  • See PACER Steps "Get Ready for NextGen CM/ECF"
  • All current public filers must upgrade their PACER accounts to file in a NextGen court.
  • Upgrading a PACER account requires additional information for the new security features:
    • Valid email address
    • Date of birth
    • Security questions and answers
    • Minimum 8-character password
  • Upgrading a PACER account is done on the PACER site under Manage My Account.
  • To start the one-time upgrade process, click the (Upgrade) link.
  • Upgraded accounts provide a variety of self-help tools such as Changing User name, password, and security information.
  • PACER notifies the filer of the registration status via email. The contact information in the email is configured by the court.
  • New PACER accounts will automatically be upgraded accounts.
  • Users sometimes enter + in their email address when registering to create multiple accounts with the same email address. PSC will put these requests on a Review Registration Hold. For example, is a match for
  • If two personal items (Name, birthdate, email) match another account, while registering, the user will see "an account may already exist" message with the option to click on a continue button.
  • If three personal items (Name, birthdate, email) match another account, the PACER registration request will be put on an inactive Case Search Status and can affect the user’s ability to access the court.

Linking (Available Monday, July 30, 2018):

  • After upgrading a PACER accounts, public filers must link their upgraded PACER accounts to their CurrentGen CM/ECF account the first time they access the NextGen court.
  • Public filers must wait until the court is live on NextGen before they can link accounts. – Monday, July 30th
  • CM/ECF login and password is required to complete the linking process.
  • Traditional CM/ECF account logins are still required for non-NextGen courts.
  • Until all courts are live on NextGen, filers who practice in multiple courts may have to use multiple logins.
  • Log in name for CM/ECF cannot be the same login name for PACER.
    • Example:  John Smith and John P Smith will link. John Smith and John Smith will not link.
  • Once linked the old login and password will never be needed again.


  • Credit Card and ACH data will be part of users’ PACER records, not maintained at the court.
  • Users can store up to three payment options. Payment options could be credit cards or bank accounts for ACH.
  • Provide a credit card while registering, Case Search Status in PACER is activated upon successful validation.
  • At registration: if a credit card is not given for PACER fees, the account will be put on inactive status. A token will be mailed via U.S. Mail and the registrant will be able to complete the registration status.
  • Same-day registration may not be available on weekends or holidays.

Things to Be Aware Of:

  • Payment links in the Payments tab in PACER are for PACER charges, NOT court filing or admission fees.
  • It can take up to six weeks to get a refund.
  • Account balance in Manage My Account refers to the filer’s PACER fees, not court filing fees or admission fees.