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Local Rules Highlights

Friday, April 17, 2015


This notice highlights some new and amended rules found in the latest version of the Local Rules of the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana. This latest version of the Local Rules has been in effect since April 2, 2015 and applies to all attorneys practicing in the Middle District of Louisiana.

LR5(f)(3) - Certificate of Service: The certificate of service must identify the method of service upon each party.

LR7(g) - Memoranda: Page limitations for memoranda are as follows: Initial (20 pages); Subsequent (10 pages); Reply and Surreply, if filed by leave of Court (5 pages).

LR16(c) - Notice of Settlement: Joint Notice of Settlement must be signed by Plaintiff's counsel and filed into the record.

LR34 - Request For Production: Answers and/or objections must state in full the request for production.

LR37 - Discovery Violations: Motions must quote verbatim each interrogatory, request for production, or request for admission, followed immediately by the verbatim response or objection.

LR65 - Injunctions and Restraining Orders: Applications for injunctions or TROs shall be made in a document separate from complaint or else may not be considered by the Court.

LR83(b)(8)(D) - Visiting Attorneys: The language for the Pro Hac Vice oath has changed.

This notice is provided as a courtesy, and it does not include all important amendments. All attorneys practicing in the Middle District of Louisiana maintain the obligation to read and familiarize themselves with the entirety of the Local Rules as amended. You may access the Local Rules here.