Attorney FAQs

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  • What do I do to update my address if I’ve moved or changed firms?

    You may update your own person information in PACER under Manage My Account / Maintenance tab and click Update Address Information to update your address, phone numbers and firm information. Make sure to choose Louisiana Middle District Court to apply the updates.

  • What if my support staff changes or my email address changes. How do I update the email addresses linked to my person record?

    Your primary email address associated with your PACER and court’s E-Filing account must be updated in PACER’s Maintain My Account section under Settings / Update PACER Billing Email. Make sure to choose Louisiana Middle District Court to apply the updates.

    Secondary Email addresses for E-noticing may be updated on the CM/ECF system. Click on the Maintain Your Email link (under Utiliites in CM/ECF). Modify the email addresses as appropriate. If you need to add a new secondary email, click on the Add Additional E-mail Address button. You may type the new secondary email in the text box. Remember to place a check mark in both of the boxes labeled Active and In All My Cases. Hit SUBMIT all the way thru until you see the message that the update was successful.

  • Who may become a member of the bar of the Middle District of Louisiana?

    Any member in good standing of the bar of the Supreme Court of Louisiana is eligible for admission to the bar of this court.

  • How many attorneys do I need to complete the information on page 3 of the application?

    Only 2 attorneys are needed to complete the information on page 3. Each attorney should sign an affidavit, and one of those attorneys can sign the Motion for Admission

  • Can the certificate of Good Standing be issued by the Louisiana State Bar Association?

    No. The certificate of Good Standing MUST be issued by the Louisiana Supreme Court within the last 6 months and must have a raised seal. Applications submitted with the incorrect certificate will not be processed until the correct certificate is received.

  • How long will it take for my application to be processed?

    As long as there are no deficiencies, most applications are processed within 1 business day.

  • Can I submit a copy of the application and certificate and keep the original for my records?

    The application and all attachments must be scanned and submitted to the Court via the online Attorney Admission program. You are required to maintain the originals in your office for a period of one year and it must be produced upon request by the court.