Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The POWER Act imposes a requirement on federal courts to inform communities of the prevalence of domestic violence and to encourage local attorneys to engage in victim advocacy.  This year, in particular, it is crucial to get involved in this effort.  During the pandemic and associated lockdowns, instances of domestic abuse have the potential to increase dramatically.  Now, more than ever, your talents and expertise are vital to those most in need of a way out of the vicious cycle of abuse.

Under ordinary circumstances, this important subject would have been discussed in person during a Baton Rouge Bar Association or Federal Bar Association event, or through a separately scheduled conference or educational session.  Unfortunately, as with many aspects of the Middle District’s Court operations, the COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted our ability to interact with our community and practitioners in person.  As such, attached you will find an informational flyer describing some of the resources available to victims of domestic abuse in the Baton Rouge area.  We encourage you to participate in these worthy programs as much as you are able.

In the coming months, we hope to offer more substantive content and interaction with Middle District practitioners relative to the intent of the POWER Act. 

POWER Act Pamphlet (PDF)