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  • Law Enforcement Torch Run® for Special Olympics Louisiana

    On Friday, May 20th United States Attorney J. Walter Green, Deputy United States Marshals, United States Probation Officers, and other court personnel from the Louisiana Middle District participated in the Law Enforcement Torch Run®.  Participants and supporters gathered on the front steps of the State Capitol while Governor John Bel Edwards and other local dignitaries addressed the crowd before the run.  The three mile run, carrying the Special Olympics torch, through downtown Baton Rouge started and finished at the State Capitol. 

    The Law Enforcement Torch Run® for Special Olympics Louisiana, or LETR, unites officers from law enforcement agencies and corrections departments across the state in an effort to raise funds and awareness for Special Olympics Louisiana.   Each summer, law enforcement officials carry the "Flame of Hope" across the state culminating with the Torch Run Final Leg and the lighting of the cauldron to officially open the Special Olympics Louisiana Summer Games in Hammond. This torch relay involves more than 1,500 law enforcement officers and  personnel representing more than 200 law enforcement agencies across Louisiana. The officers join together to spread awareness of the capabilities of people with intellectual disabilities.

  • U. S. Marine Corps Reserve 100 Year Anniversary

    On August 29, 2016, the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve will celebrate 100 years of dedicated service to the United States of America.  Since World War I, Reserve Marines have supported our country in every major conflict and continue to do so.  In honor of this anniversary, a series of events will be executed to highlight and recognize the contribution of the Marine Corps Reserve over the past century.  

    The Louisiana Middle District proudly hosted Staff Sergeant Perez, Sergeant Christopher M. Kiss, Corporal Zachary S. Traylor, Lance Corporal Cornell Boyden, Jr., and Lance Corporal Joseph J. Piccione, II of the Marine Corps Reserve.  Staff Sergeant Perez and his fellow Marines interacted on site with courthouse employees.  As a special treat, courthouse employees were able to sit in two Marine vehicles:  a Humvee and a M939 Truck a.k.a. "5-ton".  The Louisiana Middle District recognizes the significant contributions of all Reserve Marines who have proudly worn the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor emblem.

  • What do I do to update my address if I’ve moved or changed firms?

    You may update your own person information in PACER under Manage My Account / Maintenance tab and click Update Address Information to update your address, phone numbers and firm information. Make sure to choose Louisiana Middle District Court to apply the updates.

  • How was I selected to be a Juror?

    Juror names are selected at random from the voter lists.  Before potential jurors are summonsed for service, their names are randomly drawn from voter’s lists to receive a questionnaire to determine whether they meet the legal qualifications for jury service.  Individuals who receive questionnaires are required to complete and return the form to the clerk’s office within 10 days, which then screens the completed questionnaires to determine eligibility for service. For your convenience this questionnaire can be filled out on this website by clicking on E-JUROR.

  • Getting Help

    Call the Court’s Help Desk between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday, except federal holidays, at 225-389-3552 or toll-free at 1-866-558-6631. If you do not need an immediate response, you may email the Help Desk at cmecfhelpdesk@lamd.uscourts.gov . We will get back with you within one business day. Remember, although parties may file documents electronically 24 hours a day, filers are strongly encouraged to file all documents during the regular business hours of the Clerk’s office, when assistance is available.

  • Ceremony Honoring Memory of Deputy US Marshal Josie Wells

    The Middle District of Louisiana honored the memory of Deputy United States Marshal (DUSM) Josie Lamar Wells at the Russell B. Long Federal Building on March 10, 2016.   The ceremony was coordinated by SDUSM Brian Lucio and held in courtroom one.  Guests in attendance included the family and friends of DUSM Wells, the Middle Louisiana Fugitive Task Force, Judicial Officers for the Middle District of Louisiana:  Honorable John W. deGravelles, Honorable James J. Brady, Honorable Douglas D. Dodd, Honorable Richard L. Bourgeois, and Honorable Erin Wilder-Doomes, Mayor Melvin L. “Kip” Holden, United States Marshal Kevin C. Harrison, United States Attorney Colonel J. Walter Green, Clerk of Court Michael L. McConnell, Chief United States Probation Officer Clarence P. Rambo, courthouse employees, and other local officials and law enforcement from around the region.  United States Marshal Kevin C. Harrison read a beautiful letter that touched everyone in attendance, while Judges deGravelles and Brady expressed their sympathy to all.  A plaque bearing DUSM Wells’ photo was unveiled by sisters, Taniesha Wells-Garcia and Melanie Wells.  The plaque will be displayed in the office of the United States Marshal’s Service for the Middle District of Louisiana.

    DUSM Wells, assigned to the Southern District of Mississippi, was killed during the execution of an arrest warrant in Baton Rouge on March 10, 2015 while supporting the Middle Louisiana Task Force during a fugitive apprehension initiative.  DUSM Wells (27) left behind his wife, Channing Wells, who was pregnant at the time with their son, who was born August 27, 2015 and named after his father.  Since March 2015, the United States Marshal's Service for the Middle District of Louisiana has continued its mission to serve and protect.  However, the weight of that day still lingers.

  • What if my support staff changes or my email address changes. How do I update the email addresses linked to my person record?

    Your primary email address associated with your PACER and court’s E-Filing account must be updated in PACER’s Maintain My Account section under Settings / Update PACER Billing Email. Make sure to choose Louisiana Middle District Court to apply the updates.

    Secondary Email addresses for E-noticing may be updated on the CM/ECF system. Click on the Maintain Your Email link (under Utiliites in CM/ECF). Modify the email addresses as appropriate. If you need to add a new secondary email, click on the Add Additional E-mail Address button. You may type the new secondary email in the text box. Remember to place a check mark in both of the boxes labeled Active and In All My Cases. Hit SUBMIT all the way thru until you see the message that the update was successful.

  • What does it mean to be "On-Call"?

    In this court you are “On-Call” for a TWO (2) week period.  You will ONLY report to the courthouse if the message on the automated call-in system instructs you to appear.  You must call each night for the ENTIRE week, Sunday through Thursday.

  • What Can I Do With ECF?

    If you are a registered participant, with Internet access and acceptable browser software (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc.) the electronic case filing system will allow you to:

         •    Access the Court’s web page

    Self-train on a web-based ECF Tutorial

         •    Practice entering pleadings and using pay.gov into an ECF training database before using the live ECF database

         •    Electronically file pleadings and documents in actual live cases

         •    View official docket sheets and documents associated with cases

         •    View various reports for cases that were filed electronically

         •    Receive notices of electronic filings via e-mail with a link to the filed document

         •    Cut and paste from the PDF files

         •    Designate more than one e-mail address to receive notices of electronic filings

  • What should I bring with me when I report for jury duty?

    You must have a picture ID to enter the courthouse. Be sure to bring your “Summons for Jury Service” with you when you report for jury duty. If you have special dietary needs, you may bring your food or snacks with you.

  • Who may become a member of the bar of the Middle District of Louisiana?

    Any member in good standing of the bar of the Supreme Court of Louisiana is eligible for admission to the bar of this court.

  • What Do I Need to use CM/ECF?

    In order to file electronically and/or view and retrieve case documents, you’ll need the following:

    • A personal computer with a standard operating system such as Windows or Macintosh (latest OS version ensures latest security protections).

    • Internet access

    • Web browser: Internet Explorer; Mozilla Firefox (Recommended browser for CM/ECF is Firefox). Note: Safari web browser on a Macintosh does not work well with ECF.

    • Word processing software like Microsoft Word (preferred) or WordPerfect.

    • Software like Adobe Acrobat Writer or pdf Factory to convert documents from word processor to portable document format (PDF) – the only file format ECF will accept. Many free pdf writers are available on line.

    • A scanner to convert documents that are not on your word processor. Note: Using a scanner is a last resort and should only be used for documents that you cannot produce with your word-processor. Scanned documents are memory hogs and slow down the entire system. We are moving away from using scanned documents and ask you to do the same. 

    • An Individual PACER account if you want to file electronically. Firms may setup a PACER Administrative Account (PAA) for Individual Accounts to be centrally billed for PACER access fees. Also, you need a PACER account if you receive e-notices for Social Security cases.

  • What should I wear for jury duty?

    Appropriate attire is required.  No shorts or blue jeans are allowed.  Courtrooms are kept cool, bring a sweater or jacket if desired

  • How many attorneys do I need to complete the information on page 3 of the application?

    Only 2 attorneys are needed to complete the information on page 3. Each attorney should sign an affidavit, and one of those attorneys can sign the Motion for Admission

  • What is a PACER account?

    PACER stands for Public Access to Court Electronic Records. For a PACER login contact the PACER Service Center at (800) 676-6856 for information or to register for an account. You may register for PACER online at http://pacer.psc.uscourts.gov. PACER registration is FREE and accessing documents (after the first freebie) or pulling up a docket sheet costs 10¢ per page (maximum of $3.00 per document). If you don’t reach $30.00 in a quarter, you will not be billed. https://www.uscourts.gov/services-forms/fees/electronic-public-access-fe...

  • What if my employer wants proof that I served on jury duty?

    You can request a Certificate of Attendance from the jury clerk or print your own through E-JUROR.

  • Can the certificate of Good Standing be issued by the Louisiana State Bar Association?

    No. The certificate of Good Standing MUST be issued by the Louisiana Supreme Court within the last 6 months and must have a raised seal. Applications submitted with the incorrect certificate will not be processed until the correct certificate is received.

  • How Do I Get Access to ECF?

    First, you have to be an attorney in good standing in the Middle District of Louisiana.  Attorneys may request admission to the Middle District of Louisiana following the online Attorney Admission procedures.  Active Attorneys in the Middle District of Louisiana who need ECF access to E-File should link their existing CM/ECF account to their PACER Account.

    If you have questions or need assistance obtaining an E-File account, contact the Louisiana Middle District’s ECF Helpdesk at 225-389-3500.

    The Middle District no longer requires training in order for you to receive a login and password; however, we strongly encourage you to take time to do the on-line training tutorial on our website. In about thirty minutes, you can cover the basics for filing in civil matters.

    For practice before filing documents in the “live ” ECF database, you can visit a training version of the system on the Internet at https://ecf-train.lamd.uscourts.gov to practice ECF actions. After all, practice does make perfect . . .

    If you’re working on a Social Security case, you’ll need a PACER account with E-Filing access in the Louisiana Middle District AND you must be an attorney of record. Also, for criminal cases, those documents filed prior to November 1, 2004 are only available to be viewed on line by attorneys of record in that criminal case. Anything after that date can be viewed on line by any attorney regardless if he is listed as counsel or not.

  • How do I receive E-Filing Access (Active Attorneys Admitted to the Middle District of Louisiana)?

    If you are an Active Attorney (prior to July 27, 2018) in the Middle District of Louisiana and you have never received an E-Filing username and password, you will need to submit an E-File Registration request through PACER to be granted E-Filing access.  Go to https://www.pacer.gov/ - Manage My Account / Maintenance tab / click on Attorney Admissions / E-File Registration link; complete the form prompts for U.S. District Court & Louisiana Middle District; then choose “E-File Registration Only” when prompted.